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Finance Documents

Below are a list of documents to help build on your understanding of finance. These documents include financial models, business plan templates and other documents that may help you as you undertake similar projects on your own.

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Finance Ocean

Business Plan Template

Downloads: 665

This document provides a general template for writing a business plan.

Finance Ocean

Comparable Companies Analysis Model

Downloads: 1,015

This is a sample model for a comparable companies analysis of a hypothetical home improvement company.

Finance Ocean

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF)

Downloads: 1,327

This Excel model is a discounted cash flow analysis of a hypothetical discount retail store. It includes WACC and unlevered Beta calculations.

Finance Ocean

IF Function Example

Downloads: 307

An excel file with a small model demonstrating the IF function.

Finance Ocean

INDIRECT Function Example

Downloads: 309

An excel file with a small model demonstrating the INDIRECT function.

Finance Ocean

Investment Property Model

Downloads: 1,194

This Excel model looks at the return on investment of a simple rental property.

Finance Ocean

Sensitivity Analysis

Downloads: 604

A simple financial model demonstrating a sensitivity table.

Finance Ocean

Time Value of Money Model

Downloads: 321

This model illustrates how a simple fixed-payment amortizing loan works over time.

Finance Ocean

U.S. Deficit Analysis 2000-2010

Downloads: 1,691

This excel file looks at data from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to analyze how the United States went from a budget surplus in 2000 to a record deficit in 2010. It also projects how taxation and spending would have to change over the next five years in order to reach a budget surplus using the tax and spending levels of 2000.

Finance Ocean

U.S. Money Supply and Velocity of Money

Downloads: 619

This excel document contains graphs and data of the U.S. money supply and the velocity of money based on information from the U.S. Federal Reserve and Department of Commerce.

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